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Advanced technology

Cutting-edge equipment for precise, efficient production, ensuring top-quality scientific instruments.

Custom solutions

Tailored designs meeting unique scientific needs, fostering innovation and research advancement.

Techical Support

We provide unwavering support, solving your issues promptly with our dedicated team and expertise.

Expert team

Skilled professionals dedicated to excellence, providing comprehensive support and unmatched expertise.

Choose us for diverse needs in Electronic, Electrical, Physics, Mechanical, Civil, and Automobile products, benefiting from our comprehensive expertise and reliable solutions

About Us

It is of great delight and pride to introduce our company, Mind Tek Engineering Solutions, Our range of products finds wide applications in various educational institutes and knowledge based industries. We manufacture & supply our range of Electronic, Electrical, Physics, Mechanical, Civil ‘n’ Automobile products using latest technologies. Thus, our products offer reliable and durable services. In addition, we also produce custom designed products as per the specific requirements of our clients.
Our products meet varied requirements of:
• Engineering Colleges
• Polytechnics
• I.T.I.
• Science Colleges
• R & D Centers
All the products are available on GEM platform with OEM Panel


Explore our diverse electronics selection to meet educational needs. Click below for more details and options.


Explore our diverse electrical products to meet modern educational needs. Click below for more information.


Explore our diverse physics lab products to meet modern educational needs. Click below for more details.


Delivering End-to-End Solutions to Educational Institutes

We deliver comprehensive solutions to educational institutes, including Electronic, Electrical, Physics, Mechanical, Civil, and Automobile products, along with reliable services.

Innovation-driven in terms of Scientific Manufacturing

Constantly pioneering new technologies and solutions to push the boundaries of scientific manufacturing.

We have Exceptional quality control

Rigorous testing and inspection processes guarantee reliability, accuracy, and durability of our products.

Cost-effective solutions for your scientific needs

Providing high-quality scientific products at competitive prices, maximizing value for customers without compromising quality or performance.

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